Saturday, 8 February 2014



It's been forever since I last posted something, anyways I was thinking about getting Instagram but my phone is being so annoying and I can't make myself one but I can login to one, so could anybody make an account for me and I can change the details? Or maybe an account you already have that you don't use? If you can make one or give me one email me with the login details! Thanks!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Moving House!

I have an update for you! I'm moving house! My mother has found a very good job in London so me and my family are moving down to London! Whoop Whoop! I can't wait! Now, since I am moving I'm not able to post as often, I mean, yes, I will try to upload as normal, which is every other day, but that is not always going to be possible!

Love Madeline,


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

I recently saw this quiz over on Erin's blog Two Thirds Hazel and I decided that I HAD to this quiz! So here it goes!
Go ahead and try it out! Click HERE to see Erin's post, to grab a quiz and fill in the blanks if you want to join in and do this quiz, and finally, who else is doing this quiz!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

25 Random Facts About Me!

So I feel like we don't know each other well enough.... *SIGH* so that's why I'm sharing with you 25 random facts about me! I'd love for you to share your 25 random facts about yourself on your blog and then leave me a link in the comments!

So here are some of my 25 random facts about me!

  1. I suck at Word Verification and Captcha
  2. Me and my friends take selfies in Italian class and then we post them over on Instagram
  3. Whenever I should be revising for a test or doing my homework instead I start blogging
  4. I love the word ratchet... is that weird
  5. I hate ICT class because I always get low, low, low levels
  6. I always get bloggers block
  7. I never brush my hair out... well, I mean I do but like once a year #NoJoke
  8. I hate it when there is awkward silence
  9. I hate it when I spell something such as the word 'colour' the British way but it tells me it's grammatically incorrect and they spell it the American way so it ends up being 'color'.
  10. I hate when auto-correct changes the word when you swear
  11. I hate auto-correct in general
  12. I love memes
  13. I love watercolours
  14. I love funny GIF's
  15. I hate it when your mascara gets clumpy
  16. I love the summer holidays
  17. I hate school
  18. I love nerd glasses!
  19. I love DIY's
  20. I need to get Twitter and Bloglovin, as soon as possible
  21. I hate it when people state the obvious
  22. I hate it when people call you skinny, it's like, come on...
  23. I just realized this but I adore quotes!
  24. I don't like whipped cream
  25. The most amount of selfies I took in a day was 10
Hope you enjoyed it!

Love Madeline,


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Post Swap With Dream. Live. Repeat

Hi there, Wonderland In A Wardrobe readers!
I’m so excited to be here, doing a post swap with Madeline! With the holiday season being in full swing, it seemed appropriate to share an outfit to wear to a holiday party!
I recruited my younger sister to model the outfit I chose from my closet.
I like this outfit because it is cute and comfortable while still looking polished and put together. Red is a MUST wear color this time of year and I find myself gravitating towards it on Christmas. Red is one color that’s actually flattering on many skin tones. Besides wearing a festive color, I like to add something that sparkles. Here, my shirt has metallic thread in it. I added a matching silvery necklace to make a subtle statement.  On bottom, my sister wears a pair of black thick cotton textured leggings and moto boots.
Where to buy:
Shirt- Express, Leggings- Kmart, Boots-, Necklace- Target

  • To dress this outfit up even more, opt for a fitted skirt and tights for warmth instead of leggings. You could also switch out the boots for heels and add a blazer or cardigan.
  • Instead of the traditional red, try jewel toned colors, like emerald, cobalt, navy, cranberry, wine or even ivory.
Remember: the most important part any outfit is feeling comfortable in it. If you feel silly wearing it, it will show through, so wear what you like! :)
If you enjoyed this post and would like to hear more from me, please stop by my blog, Dream. Live. Repeat. where I write about a little of everything- healthy eating, fitness, beauty and fashion, share motivational stories and quotes, and review all sorts of books!

Feeling Fashionable,