Button Swap

Thank you for wanting to sponsor me! You just made my day! Since I am a new blogger I don't think it is fair as of right now to start charging for money so if you want to do a button swap with me it is completely FREE as of right now!

The button swap is only for bloggers.

You must follow me somehow, either via emails, Google + or GFC. Either works fine.
I will swap blog buttons with blogs of any size, whether you have 0 views and 0 followers, to millions and millions of followers and viewers!
My button should be either the same size as your button or larger. You may decide to re-size my button but if you do I will do the same.
If you remove my button or shut your blog down, please, let me know. I won't get mad at you if you do, that's totally fine. If you remove my button or shut your blog down, I will remove yours. It's just fair.
If you put my button on a navigation page or a navigation tab, I will do the same. Your button will go on this very page. Like I said, it's just fair.

If you would still like to do a button swap with me and have met the requirements just email me at madelinejenson@gmail.com. In the subject line please put 'Button Swap'. From there we shall commence the button swap!

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