Thank you for wanting to sponsor me! You just made my day! Since I am a new blogger I don't think it is fair as of right now to start charging for money so if you want to do host a giveaway for me it is completely FREE as of right now!

Hosting a giveaway is for shops, brands and bloggers.

The giveaway must be international.
If you host the giveaway, it must have three winners in total who will all receive the exact same items as each other.
Each winners prize must be a minimum of £10.00.
Once the giveaway is over, I will receive the winners addresses and then they will be emailed to you for you to, only ship their package.
You are responsible to ship their packages out and you are only to use their addresses for the giveaway! You must have an image of the giveaway prize or prizes which I will then edit and use as an image on my blog post.
On your blog, shop or any social media accounts you have, you must write a post or share the fact you have hosted a giveaway for my blog and there must be a link back to the giveaway.

If you would still like to host a giveaway me and have met the requirements just email me at In the subject line please put 'Giveaway'. From there we shall commence the giveaway!

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