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Danielle Said...
'Through the help of the Madeline Jenson, we, she mainly, has given my blog a whole new look, of amazing, and been so patient and kind throughout the whole process. Before my blog was messy and disorganized, and she was the fairy-godmother in Cinderella and fixed and made everything beautiful. If there is any question about it, you should definitely be going to her for anything technological blog wise. Also, SHE'S ONLY TWELVE. Heck, when I was twelve I was wondering if I would remember my own locker code to get my books during passing period, definitely not being some sort of blog designing genius! Without her, none of my blog design would be possible and I would look like a chump thinking that I know what I'm doing. Which I do not. Thank you to the ever so lovely Madeline Jenson, stay in contact!'

Custom Blog Button Design - All Natural Aspirations
I was lost in cyberspace one day when I found a cute blog called 'Wonderland In A Wardrobe['. The content on this blog is great; lots of fashion, make up, etc... and then I saw the 'free pre-made button' tab at the top. I checked out Madeline's beautiful, fun and original designs and I was in awe!
There are so many beautiful blogs out there with stunning buttons and I am always very jealous! I got in touch with Madeline and asked her if she would like to design me a custom button... Luckily she said yes!
She sent me an email asking me what kind of look I was after and roughly what I wanted my button to be like. I told her the colours of my blog and the nature of the posts I write and with half an hour she had sent me a design! I couldn't believe it!
She asked me if I wanted to change anything but I was so happy with the beautiful design that fit in perfectly with the aesthetic and ideals of my blog that I had no suggestions for improvement!
She sent me the code and I was on my way.
I wanted to write a post about how amazing her designs are, how professional and efficient Madeline is... plus how adorable! She is so talented and yet so young! 
You can see my beautiful button the right hand side, with the coding below it. (Please excuse my ignorance if it's called code not coding?!)
If you wanted to... you are very welcome to use my button on your blog... that would make my year!! 
I am currently tweaking this site and trying to iron everything out but soon I will have it how I want it and then I would like to share some of my favourite blog's buttons. 
Anyway, thanks for reading, thank you to Madeline for your amazing help and make sure you check out her blog!

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